Help Getting Started

So, you have your first client (or it’s been a while….:) and you’re not quite sure where to go to get what you need. We understand that navigating the different divisions of the ILP can be a bit daunting so here are some tips and links to help you get started.

There are two subscriptions that you will want to obtain for each client for Evaluation and Training purposes:
1) Evaluation – The Compton Online Assessment of Foreign AccentEverything you need to record and phonetically transcribe your client’s speech with 51 Language-specific Protocols. You can purchase that subscription right here on this website. If it’s the first time you’ve subscribed we’ll need to authorize your email address. You’ll also be provided with a username and password to access the Phonetic Transcription portion of the program. When purchasing subsequent subscriptions you won’t need to wait for authorization unless you change your email address.
2) Training – The Compton P-ESL Client Materials. You’ll need to visit Dr. Compton’s site for this subscription. It’s item 4545V. Only Compton certified instructors may purchase these subscriptions. When you fill out the Stripe form make sure you enter the client’s email address in the Special Instructions box so they can be authorized (along with you) to access the program.
Register for Live Workshops and Training EventsDates and locations for upcoming PESL Certification courses
eLearning (ILP Academy)Self-paced, web-based courses in PESL Certification, business development, marketing and phonetics
AccentLinkAccentLink is ILP’s networking, information and referral hub for accent trainers using the Compton PESL method. Basic and Pro membership is available and both include listing your business on the Trainer’s Directory.
Troubleshooting Tips for the PESL Online Practice Program (Client Materials) – Sometimes your clients might need assistance using the online recorder on the practice program.  We encourage you to try and assist them using the Troubleshooting Tips. The link to these tips is also located on the login screen and under the player on the program interface. In most cases, the problem might be solved by using a different browser.  We recommend clients try both the Chrome and Firefox browsers to see which one works best for them.  If, after troubleshooting, your client still needs assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us to assist them directly.
PESL Online Practice Program (Client Materials) Marketing DemoSubscribing to this tool allows you to create unlimited temporary accounts for your potential clients to try out the PESL Practice Lab.  Great marketing tool!  Watch the video under the “About” tab on this site to find out more.  You will need an active subscription. (item 4545I)
Additional PublicationsScreening kits, transcription forms, normative data and references, etc.