What is the ILP?

The Institute of Language and Phonology (ILP) consists of three different divisions . Each of the divisions is a separate business and administered by different individuals:

Research Division (AJComptonPESL.com and CarouselHouse.com): Dr. Arthur J Compton’s is the director of the Research Division and the creator of the Compton P-ESL program.  Certified trainers visit his websites to subscribe to products to use with their clients such as the Online Phonological Assessment, the Online Practice Program and the Demo Marketing Program. You can choose between ordering online or contacting Welby, Administrative Assistant, in the Research Division office at ajcomptonpesl@aol.com or call (800) LANGUAGE if you have any questions about subscriptions. He is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Training Division (800-language.com): This is administered by Joe Comeau, M.S., CCC-SLP. He is the one who provides training workshops for people interested in becoming certified to use the Compton program. You can visit his website for more information about upcoming workshops or distance training. He also hosts AccentLink and AccentLink Pro for certified trainers. You can read all about AccentLink on his site. Joe also hosts an online mentoring program several times a year to help new trainers get started finding clients. Joe can be contacted at joe@800-language.com.

Design and Technology Division (ComptonPESLonline.com): This is administered by Mark and Lori Edwards. We provide technical support for the online assessment and online practice program tools. Contact us at info@comptonpeslonline.com

All certified trainers have their own independent businesses. But you can join AccentLink to have your business listed in the trainers directory at 800-language.com which potential clients visit to find a trainer in their area or on the World Wide Web.

To see prices and purchase a subscription to the online practice program for your client go to: http://ajcomptonpesl.com/certified/index.html (item 4545V).