The following tutorials are available on this page:
1.    Online Assessment – Recording Process
2.    Online Assessment – Phonetic Transcription
3.    Online Summary Form
4.    PESL Demo Marketing Account
5.    Practice Program Demo
6.    Review Practice Recordings
7.    PESL Login Procedure
8.    Homework Assignment Planner
9.    First Session With New Client
10. Create Before/After Recording



1. Compton Online Assessment Tutorial Section 1 Online Recording – View step-by-step instructions on how to use the online recording feature.

2. Compton Online Assessment Tutorial Section 2 Phonetic Transcription – View step-by-step instructions on how to phonetically transcribe your client’s evaluation recordings.

3. Compton PESL Online Summary Form – See how the online assessment program can assist you in creating an individual or group summary form.  Includes a suggested Master Plan!

4. PESL Demo Marketing Account – Learn how you can use this effective tool to attract potential customers!

5. Compton PESL Practice Program Demo!

6. Compton PESL Client Playback Directory – Learn how you can review your client’s practice recordings!

7. Compton PESL New Login Procedure – Learn about the new Auth0 login starting 2020-10-10!

8. Compton PESL Premium Feature Homework Assignment Planner – Learn how to create custom assignments for your clients!

9. Compton PESL First Session With Your New Client – View an example of how to conduct the first session with your new client (chapter segments provided).

10. How To Create a Before/After Recording – Learn how to use the Audacity Recording Editor to create a powerful marketing tool.