Online Version of the Original Compton Phonological Assessment of Foreign Accent includes:

  • Initial and Final Online Recording of Your Client
  • Phonetic Transcription with Access to All 51 Language Specific Protocols
  • Professionally Generated Trainer and Client Reports (Pattern Analysis and Personal Speech Analysis)
  • Final Program Results Before/After Summaries

Please note:  The subscriptions are processed by Carousel House Publishing (Dr. Arthur J. Compton’s publishing business).  You will see the Carousel House name on your Credit Card or PayPal receipt.

Note:  Subscription prices below and on reflect new prices as of 3/26/2022.


Subscription Information Price Paypal
Item 4121: Introductory rate for first client icon-with-question $6.00
Item 4122: One Client (regular rate) $30.00
Item 4123: Two Clients (28.50 per client) $57.00
Item 4124: 4 Clients (27.00 per client) icon-with-question $108.00
Item 4127: 1 year Unlimited icon-with-question $240.00