System Requirements:

PC's and Macs. Try both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is not currently compatible with mobile devices or tablets.

Please click here to validate your browser.

Please click here to validate your internet speed.

Please review these 3 steps if you are having difficulty with the audio or recording portion of the program:

1.  Make sure that your computer has an internal microphone; otherwise an external microphone will be needed. Refer to one of these sites for a quick way to test your mic and speakers: Microphone Test   or  Online Mic Test (ignore the download button).

2.  If your mic failed the Online Mic Test in #1 make sure that the playback and recording settings on your computer are correct. Go to the "Control Panel" on your computer, then select "Hardware and Sound", then select "Sound". Choose the "Playback" tab to see if the speakers (or headphones) are on. Select the "Recording" tab to see if your external microphone is plugged in.

3.  Please try activating the recorder here (Note: You won't be able to record audio but you should see an active timer after clicking on the Record button) : VoiceSpice Recorder Site

If the recording function still does not work, please contact us. It will be helpful if you can let us know what troubleshooting steps you have completed.