Teacher Link Creation for Client    

  1. Select a recording option from the drop-down box.
    • If you want your client to complete the entire Screening or Assessment select:
      1. Complete Screening
      2. Complete Phonological Assessment
      3. Complete Assessment Reevaluation
    • You also have the option of selecting a a specific section of any of the recording types. For example - If your client filled out the background page but did not complete one of the other sections you can create a new link for them and just select that section. When they receive an email with the new link it will take them directly to that section bypassing the background page. You'll need to include in your message that they need only complete the sections indicated.
  2. Enter your authorized email address and your client's email address.
  3. Type a personal message to your client (optional) and click "Submit".
The next screen should show the Email results and the link that was created. An email will be automatically sent to your client with a link that will take them to the recording option you have selected. You will receive a duplication of the email in your own inbox. (Test it yourself to see how it works. Select a recording option and then put your email in both the Teacher's Email box and the Client's email box below. Then click Submit. You should receive an email in your inbox with the proper link. Click on the link that you receive and you will see what your client will receive.)
Teacher's Email:
Client's Email:
Message to Client:

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